18 March 2009

Should be sleeping

 mmm...1 am wakeup call from jetlag. Working on to-do list for tomorrow. No email in the building where my room is located, so working offline to make lists, sending some text messages  to the states for some assistance. Trains rumbling by. They clatter differently on the tracks. I'm a girl who used to live 20 feet from a train line up the west bank of the Hudson, so I know my train rumbles. This is a very different sound. More jagged and a more metallic rhythm. 

The rain keeps falling. Familiar Seattle sound of the patter on roofs. The wind has calmed. Earlier it was whipping, a kind of running-down-the-mountains howl, into the valley where we are. Not a windstorm howl, or even the Wyoming wind howls I remember from days there. But intent and like an agitated conversation. 

Dinner at the guest house as we all stumbled through an early evening fog of jetlag. Kudos to Erica for the suggestion.

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