16 March 2009

Ready, Set...

Sitting in Seatac, chronicling in my mind the things I've forgotten to pack. Most crucial thus far: the bag of swag Waylon got from the CSE department. Hmm....we'll try to get the crew flying out Wednesday to help us fix this.

So this is the start of 10 day adventure with 10 folks, testing some hardware and software we've developed based on the social science research done by the CAICT project over the years. We have a terrific crew of undergrads, graduate students, staff, and faculty from UW, plus a UW grad and a grad student from Israel joining us on our adventure.

Since my regular blog got disappeared, I'll blog here for the duration. It's quick and easy, even if it makes me look technolame (which I am, actually).

I'm off to Amsterdam and then Istanbul where I'll meet up with the rest of the first wave, and then we fly into Bishkek together for a 3 am arrival on Wednesday. Hooray! I love the 3 am arrivals. Almost as much as I love the 3 am departures.

Ok, going to churn through some email before boarding. More on the other end from Amsterdam.

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