19 March 2009

Morning with MoSoSo

Sun is trying to shine on the snowscape outside. The mountains are visible in stunning whiteness. It's altitude-cold.

Woke up early, got some work done in the 5 am quiet. Found Cynthia at breakfast around 8 am and we caught up on how her work on the mobile social software has been going. She's finishing up the prototype of an SMS-based directory listing/rating system with which users can define shared directories with friends and family. The usability testing is scheduled to start Sunday or Monday. She's still working on the XML parts, her husband back home is working on a Flash demo, and we potentially have a working model showing up using the MSRI SMS toolkit. 

We figured redundancy was a good goal since nothing ever works quite as one expects out here. So at this point search is functional. Add and edit will be functional on Sunday. And if not, her alternate plan is to do a hack job based on the results of the usability test. mmmm...hack jobs. Also, right now from anywhere you can go to all the screens in the system, and she's implemented novice and expert modes to accommodate SMS annoyances, I mean limitations. She's setting up the demo right now, and I'm going to take a look. And Chad just came down for our 9 am meeting to go over his interview protocol before the local researchers arrive for our 10 am training/briefing/planning. 

I think our third day has officially begun.

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