04 January 2010

What was the best thing about today?

Historically speaking, I may be among the world's worst bloggers.
Not that I intend to completely change that. But I have a friend who has some of the best rituals with her kids. After a day out and about, she'll call out "who had fun at the party?' or "who had fun on the hike?' or whatever the event was. And hands go up in a communal and visible expression of satisfaction, happiness, joy.

I've also heard her ask "what was your favorite part of today?" which I think is an amazing way to teach your kids to be reflective about the good things in their life. It's also a lesson most of us could use a refresher course in if the hallway chitchat in my part of the universe is any indication.

So I'm going to try that.
What was my favorite part of today?

I worked on syllabi for most of the day. It was a long process, and often frustrating. But my favorite part of the day was probably meeting with Ruth with whom I'm going to team-teach an under-the-radar interdisciplinary course this quarter. We're trying to get students from my department (HCDE) and hers (CSE) working together on projects, and it's a total kludge, with some students enrolled for 2 credits, others for 5, with a false high cap in one course so we could get a room large enough to meet in, and juggled meeting times, and...well, just a parade of fixits. But now that the syllabus is almost finished, I'm super excited about our experiment! Who knows how this is going to work out, but it's an attempt to do something fantastic.

I also started book club book today, and it's extraordinarily well-written: The Big Burn.

What was your favorite part of the day?


Gil said...

So far?

The happy surprise of a Beth blogpost in my RSS feed. Almost makes me feel like I should resuscitate my own blog. Almost. :)

carolyn said...

Walking into the office with the pleasant surprise of being greeted by my coworkers, who were happy to see I'd returned (and didn't run away after the first 3 months).